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Cotton Round neck t shirt

Get creative with The Tee Tales Plain Cotton round Neck T Shirt. These tees are ideal for customization, whether it’s personal expression, team uniforms, or corporate branding. Made from high-quality cotton, they’re comfortable and durable, and because of these amazing features, pure cotton t-shirts are popular for a variety of customization projects t-shirts.

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1. product name: (i.e round neck, polo neck, hoodie…etc)
2. Product color: Black, white, blue, grey…etc
3. Quality: Cotton, Polyester, polycotton…etc
we will contact you with mock up of your design to process further!

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Price Info

1. Pure Cotton Round neck T-shirt ( Bio-Washed, Super Combed )100 Pcs299/pc
2. Pure cotton bio-washed round neck100 Pcs259/pc
3. Cotton Round neck T-shirt ( Non Bio-Washed)100 Pcs220/pc
4. Polo Neck pure Cotton T-shirt ( Bio Washed )100 Pcs399/pc
5. polo neck regular t-shirt ( pique Fabric )100 pcs349/pc
6. Polyester T-shirt ( Promotional )100 pcs99/pc
7. Pure cotton fleece Hoodies100 Pcs699/pc
8. Cotton blend hoodies100 Pcs549/pc
***Note: Starting Prices are for blank products of basic purchased at bulk and may vary as per the GSM (grams per square meter ) of the fabric selected and due to market conditions of fabric and Labour cost at that time.
***Prices are excluding of GST and same will be added to the final price at the time of billing.

Cotton round neck t shirt

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types of cotton fabrics

Cotton fabric comes in various types, each with unique qualities and uses. Here are some premium and most used cotton fabric types, along with their characteristics. Along with all other features to look for in a fabric for t-shirts, GSM (Gram per square meter) or weight also plays an important role, it will define your fabric thickness and weight, the Higher the GSM count is, The more thickness or weight a fabric would carry in general.

GSM and Weight:

  • Low GSM (120-150 GSM): Light and breathable, good for basic t-shirt, promotional t-shirt, summer wear, and inner wear.
  • Medium GSM (150-220 GSM): Ideal for widely used t-shirts, good for personal use or premium brands.
  • High GSM (220-350 GSM): Durable and strong, ideal for outerwear and workwear. Mostly used in hoodies and sweatshirts.

poly-cotton t-shirt/cotton blend t-shirt

poly-cotton T-shirts are made from a combination of cotton as well as polyester that combines the best qualities of both fabrics is called poly-cotton. The cotton in these garments makes them breathable and comfortable, and the polyester provides durability and wrinkle resistance. This combination provides a cosy and flexible choice for informal events, everyday wear, and promotional clothing. Poly-cotton round neck t shirts are a popular option for personalised designs and branded items because they work well with a variety of printing processes, including the use of screen printing, sublimation and heat transfer.

poly-cotton round neck t shirt

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polyester Round neck t shirt

The Tee Tales, a premier custom t-shirt printing service provider, emphasizes the importance of choosing the right type of polyester fabric for round neck t shirt to achieve the best printing results. Polyester, a synthetic fiber known for its resilience and moisture-wicking properties, offers many options best suitable for various printing techniques. Understanding the different types of polyester t-shirts is crucial for selecting the best fabric to meet desired outcome and to ensure high-quality, long lasting results.

Polyester round neck t shirt

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