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The Tee Tales, India’s trusted personalized clothing brand offers a range of plain and blank hoodies and sweatshirts, to customise, which are not only the best but the most refined. The Tee Tales is a pioneer of quality, creativity, and sensibility, creating its niche with the unique opportunity it offers to its customers to express individuality with clothing that the customers design.

Quality: First and foremost, At Tee Tales we prioritizes quality in our products. Produced with premium qualities, in equal measure, the products range from t-shirts to hoodies for men or women. They are available in various qualities and materials for you to choose from, From organic cotton fabric to cotton blends to high-performance synthetics that caters to every need, from lounging to working out or making a statement in fashion.


1. Pure Cotton Round neck T-shirt ( Bio-Washed, Super Combed )100 Pcs299/pc
2. Pure cotton bio-washed round neck100 Pcs259/pc
3. Cotton Round neck T-shirt ( Non Bio-Washed)100 Pcs220/pc
4. Polo Neck pure Cotton T-shirt ( Bio Washed )100 Pcs399/pc
5. polo neck regular t-shirt ( pique Fabric )100 pcs349/pc
6. Polyester T-shirt ( Promotional )100 pcs99/pc
7. Pure cotton fleece Hoodies100 Pcs699/pc
8. Cotton blend hoodies100 Pcs549/pc
***Note: Starting Prices are for blank products of basic purchased at bulk and may vary as per the GSM (grams per square meter ) of the fabric selected and due to market conditions of fabric and Labour cost at that time.
***Prices are excluding of GST and same will be added to the final price at the time of billing.

upload your design to customize t shirt

Upload your artwork/design and mention these details in required message field:
1. product name: (i.e round neck, polo neck, hoodie…etc)
2. Product color: Black, white, blue, grey…etc
3. Quality: Cotton, Polyester, polycotton…etc
we will contact you with mock up of your design to process further!

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the Tee Tales cotton fleece hoodies for men and women, is made from quality cotton fleece, known for its soft, warm, breathable properties. The beep inside has a plush look and gives you warmth when in touch with the skin; hence, it’s ideal for the chilly winter months. You will be comfortable with this hoodie while hanging around the house, at the gym, or running errands.

Fabric types for

hoodies and sweatshirts

Organic cotton fleece

Organic cotton fleece is considered as most premium fabric for the hoodies for men and women both, that is naturally soft and ecologically valuable. Organic cotton needs to be grown free from harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, providing a healthier option both for the wearer and the planet. The texture of the fleece is cozy, warm, and highly breathable, apt for cool weather. Additionally, organic cotton fleece hoodies are hypoallergenic and can be worn by people with sensitive skin. This fabric also supports sustainable farming practices, promoting a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Cotton fleece

Cotton fleece is a fabric that mainly consists of cotton; it is just a treatment of cloth by which one side, mainly the inside part of a piece of cloth, is made fluffy, soft, and warm while the other surface remains plain. This is achieved by brushing the fibers of the cotton to raise the nap, resulting in a smooth feel and high insulation. Cotton fleece is more budget friendly than the organic fleece and being widely used for personal and commercial purpose.

cotton blend

Cotton-blend fleece is Favoured as the material for hoodies because it allows a good balance of comfort against wear and tear on one hand and warmth on the other. It usually combines with synthetic fibers like polyester, providing qualities of cotton that are soft and breathable together with the strength and quick-drying properties characterizing synthetics. But it has been noticed that poly-cotton fleece has pilling problem after few washes.


polyester hoodies are very durable, lightweight in feel, and have excellent moisture-wicking properties. Usually, unlike natural fibers, which tend to shrink, stretch, and wrinkle, polyester has easy care and frequent restoration. For this reason, they are particularly Favoured with activewear and sportswear since they dry fast and ensure the wearer is comfortable during any physical exertion.

custom hoodies for men

We will help you customize your


why The Tee Tales?

Our priority at The Tee Tales is customer satisfaction. For this very reason, our customer service team is dedicated to making your shopping experience as smooth as it can be. Do you need some help with design ideas or want sizing information or order tracking? Our knowledgeable and friendly help staff is always here to help. We offer personalized assistance to make shopping with us hassle-free and pleasant.

Customer Support: Individual Customer service for design decisions and real-time order status plus any other queries you may want to make.

Some of the benefits that The Tee Tales offers, which makes them the Favourite option for customizing apparel, includes:

High-quality materials: Premium fabrics and other materials are assured to be used for long-lasting and comfortable use.
Cutting-Edge Technology: advanced techniques in printing and embroidery for the finest quality finishing and precision.
Flexibility for Customization: A host of features to bring in a personal touch of customization to meet specific needs and preferences.
Quick Turnaround: Fast production yet quality remains uncompromised, thus timely delivery of orders.

zipper hoodies for men and women

The custom zipper hoodies by The Tee Tales perfectly combine style, comfort, and personalization. Want to brand yourself, showcase some fashion, or creatively gift someone? The Tee Tales has the tools and know-how to make anything a success. With today’s focus on quality and delivering customer satisfaction, let The Tee Tales cater to your every customized need with top-notch custom apparel you will love to wear repeatedly.

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